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Memorable stories consist of authentic, personal performances that resonate on a human level; the result of an attention to detail, a commitment to casting, and the ability to direct trained actors and non-actors alike.
Whether it be a feature film, an animation or an ad campaign, establishing that level of human authenticity is vital. Equally essential is the ability to maintain an intimate involvement in all aspects of production so that a clarity of vision, identity and message may be achieved. If the director and cinematographer are also responsible for the editorial stages of the piece, the production is better informed with respect to the ultimate assembly of the final work. Similarly, if the editor is also the storyboard artist, that ongoing relationship and time spent with the original idea fosters a valuable conceptual consistency. Put simply, cohesion bolsters vision.
This is why ForeignAmerican Pictures demonstrates a crossbreed of skillsets, ranging from graphic design and motion graphics to directing, producing, editing and illustration; the result of an equally eclectic educational background, including Rhode Island School of Design, Whitman College and the Art Center College of Design. Since its formation in 2003, ForeignAmerican Pictures has released two feature films (“Agave” and “Apart From That”) and has done commercial work for clients ranging from Starbucks and AT&T to Hillshire Farm and Walt Disney.



Randy Walker loves people. A writer, director and illustrator, Walker sources material for his art by way of street photography and professional eavesdropping. Whether it be applied to a character in a film or a product in an ad, Walker’s love of the observation and expression of human feeling and behavior colors everything he does. After receiving a BA in English at Whitman, Walker went on to gain his Masters degree in film from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, during which time he wrote and directed the film “Agave”. In 2005, Walker co-wrote and directed his second feature, “Apart From That.” This experience with film directing provided Walker with the ability to pull authentic performances from both actors and non-actors alike—a talent that often gives his work a uniquely human, almost documentary-esque, quality.

jennydraw200colortJENNIFER SHAININ

Jennifer Shainin doesn’t see the world the way most people do. The detailed, yet striking minutiae that defines everyday life is the source of endless fascination to Shainin…Everything has cinematic essence to it; the way sunlight moves across-and colors- a room, or the wrinkle pattern her skin creates when she makes a fist. An award-winning graphic designer and filmmaker, Shainin cut her teeth working on main titles for films in Hollywood, including “Se7en” (that’s her scratchy handwriting) and “Biodome”, amongst others. Shainin has a BFA in graphic design from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Masters in film from Art Center. She also co-wrote and directed the feature film “Apart From That” and functioned as the general contractor and designer of the house in which she currently resides.

JessicaDraw200tJESSICA ACETI

Claymation. Cats. Cap-sacs. Cannes Lion Award. The ardent, inexhaustible creative force that is Jessica Aceti runs on all pistons, being responsible for not only the Ken Jennings Trivia Death Match app, but also the Cap-sac (the original fanny pack for your head), in addition to a series of short documentaries featuring her parents eating dinner, not to mention the acting troop that she started… Aceti is an award-winning producer / director with a client list that includes Starbucks, Microsoft, TBS, Copper Mountain, Wacom, MSNBC Olympics, Swype, Product Red, Credo Mobile, and many others. She also loves cats and once carried out a brief, yet celebrated career as an accordionist.


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